Message of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, MP’s Dawah Campaign ‘Islam for all’

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Bhopal: Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, Madhya Pradesh is going to launch a 10-day state-wide dawati campaign – “Islam for all” 4 to 13 May 2018. The central theme of the campaign is ‘Welfare and salvation of every person lie in Islam.’ The message of Islam will be conveyed to at least one crore non-Muslim brethren of the state and its programmes will be organised around 300 places across the state. Insha Allah (God willing).


Briefing about the campaign’s aims and objectives, its convenor Mr.Mirza Subhan Baig elucidated, “the main purpose of the campaign is to introduce Islam among the countrymen as the system of life and to explain to them that everyone’s welfare and salvation lie in Islam.” He added, “we will try to remove their misconceptions, by this campaign, about Islam and the Prophet Mohammad(PBUH)for ending the atmosphere of hate and prevailing peace and tranquillity in the country and enhancing mutual trust and maintaining good relationships among the countrymen.” “It is one of the important objectives of the campaign to present Islamic solution of their problems and challenges,” he added.


He continued, “as the atmosphere the world, especially our country is rapidly worsening, corruption and affliction spreading everywhere, the fire of hatred and hostility based on color, race, gender, region and religion intensifying, therefore humanity is desperately needing the Godly guidance. Islam is the religion of nature and the mankind. With the well-being and the salvation, it gives the natural and the right solution to the human social problems. Moreover, Islam guarantees all individuals, classes, genders without any discrimination of race and color welfare, prosperity, justice, construction and the upliftment. According to the Islamic teachings, all human beings are servants of one God – Allah and being descendants of one man – Adam, all are brothers and sisters. That’s why, the followers of Islam are bound to disseminate Islamic teachings among all non-Muslim brethren, so that their misunderstanding can be removed if they have, and atmosphere of peace and prosperity can prevail in the country, as well as hatred and discriminations based on colour, race, gender, language and region can be ended. Moreover, all political and social issues can be resolved, and each individual can attain well-being, salvation and success, in this world and in the life hereafter.”


He said, “at present our country is facing acute humanitarian problems such as increasing incidents of rape, child sex abuse, female foeticide, women exploitation, wrong dowry customs, widows and divorcees’ problems, social inequality, human rights violation, exploitation of labourers and small businessmen, child labour, hoarding and black-marketing, corruption, gambling, bribery, extortion, alcoholism, adultery, obscenity, nudity, cruelty and injustice, murder and plunder, subjugation of Dalits, backwards, tribal’s and minorities and violation of their rights, economic instability and poverty.” He asserted that Islam has the complete solution of all these problems.


The convenor of the campaign has invited all countrymen, especially religious and social leaders, intellectuals, writers and journalists to listen, read and think about Islam and Islamic teachings with a positive mind, afresh.


Media Incharge (Campaign)
Jamaat-e-Islami Hind
Madhya Pradesh

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